Alisa K


Who Is Alisa K?

It has been said I create, bringing out hidden desires within the darkness, shedding the light - of reality. The truth is, I embody and live what most are afraid to talk about, let alone express. At 10 years old I saw the movie 'All That Jazz' and suddenly my world all made complete sense! Passion was ignited within me creatively, and I knew and felt everything inside me that I would grow to develop into. With the guidance and influence of Dale Wasserman, Louis DaPron, Ben Vereen and so many other creative geniuses, my intellectual and creative power would be nurtured into the unstoppable. What I saw was how life, sexuality, purpose and creativity was ART! Rare I suppose for a ten year old to understand, as well as to OWN this essence within. I, however, have never fit societies 'norm'.

~Alisa K


  • Global Thought Leader
  • Speaker
  • Professional Athlete
  • Bodybuilder
  • Writer
  • Philanthropist
  • Teacher For Humanity - The Root of Sexuality
  • Life Strategist
  • Entertainer
  • Make Up Artist
  • Independent Entrepreneur
  • Mother Of Two Dynamic Grown Children
  • GrandMother of Five 


Alisa K has dedicated her life to heal the human condition. Transformation through her methods of dance/movement therapy (DMT) coupled with cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT) and targeted through her intuitive ability regenerates the positive aspects of existence on a cellular level, re-guiding and changing subconscious beliefs, resulting in deep healing. Inspiring a total transformation of mind, body & soul, Alisa K unleashes the individual potential within humanity.

Alisa K is a unique woman who pushes the boundaries beyond limitation, guiding deeper into being the authority of your OWN life.

Alisa K understands first-hand how fear, anger, depression and limiting beliefs can lead to self-destructive behaviors. After years of struggle, Alisa K was able to lift herself out of the darkness and into the light of self-acceptance and self-love. Her intuitive gifts and deep sense of compassion, coupled with the understanding and wisdom she gained from the tragic events that occurred in her own life, have enabled her to help countless other women and men around the world, heal and become whole and renewed.

Alisa K is dynamic, charismatic, and an inspiring woman who teaches how to release unconscious and limiting belief systems, reinvent yourself and begin a new chapter of your life, filled with unlimited possibility.

Alisa K takes a unique approach to learning and creating within the artistry of life, bringing awareness to why you think what you think, feel what you feel, and do what you do.

Creating a life you are in love with, is the goal.



"My intentions are that of Love -

Healing the world Globally. 

I Am Alisa K, I Create Change."

~ Alisa K