DanceHall Girlz Collection | Apparel and Merchandise


The DanceHall Girlz Collection is in Honor of All the Women who's souls I've touched and for the Global Movement we have created.

Becoming a DanceHall Girl is A Life Changing Experience that Never Leaves. Once a DanceHall Girl, Always A DanceHall Girl.

Women today are not only willing but longing to embrace their sexuality and womanhood in what it means to them. This is a powerful part of Leadership. This rite of passage is an important honoring that makes a significant imprint on the spirit, allowing the soul to soar to new heights.

The honoring and recognizing of a woman's vows to themselves, solidifies the commitment to her family and faith.

This ceremonial dedication is in high regard for the human condition. Why does this matter? Because a woman's needs matter, and because unlocking their potential is needed to create a sustainable future.

~Alisa K