What does Your look Represent?

What does Your look Represent?

Most people don't know about my education at Otis College of Art and Design, UCLA and LTU, in fashion and Interior Design. I don't often speak on the extent and the variety of my training, as it is vast, and quite frankly, I believe education is what you put into it after the fact.

Because I grew up with what was considered a "learning disability", I acquired knowledge and assimilated knowledge very differently than what mainstream teaching was equipt to handle. It was extremely challenging for me, and over time, I seemed to block out what little I was able to retain in the first place.

Creativity was what resonated with me, and I learned to compensate by the association of relating this creativity to mainstream learning. However, I still was in the mainstream system. Performing Arts schools were few and the ones that were available were expensive and out of reach for my mother, being a single mom on a 12K year income. At fourteen we ventured out to discover more for me but because I was younger than college age students, I was denied. Years would take many twists and turns and eventually I would acquire my education at a variety of places. I spent many years with a hunger to learn with people who would offer me their expertise. I worked 60-90 hours a week at 16 years old in the fashion industry. I earned the respect of people twice my age and was given the responsibility of 24 employees to manage and lead. Celebrities and Rockstars would have me clothe them in their personal style, trusting their "image" to me. My journey has been filled with fun, adventure, and creativity. And to think, many of those teachers gave up on me. What a big mistake on their part. What they considered a learning disability was a learning ability.

As most know of my dance background and life around the theater, everything I do has been in purpose. Creativity is infused in my career of cognitive therapy and movement therapy in healing and understanding the depth of the human condition. Most have no idea of how far my training goes back, it's not necessary. What is important is my life's journey has impacted people in many ways - the betterment of the human condition and this world as a whole.

Interior Design, be it a home or the home of the body, the spirit and soul reside. Once again, I connect my work in a creative process. Fashion, I take another connective approach. The adornment of the spirit must be cared for and displayed in a representation of style. This is an area of expertise and yet most think it's called shopping. Well, allow me to share this, it's not. Far too many displaying an appearance in a way that reveals exactly what is going on inside.

If you want to reveal the masterpiece you have the potential to be, you must know what you are trying to say in an image and of your identity. Everything connects. Yes, Everything has Everything to do with Everything.

~Alisa K

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