I’m Just Getting Started

I’m Just Getting Started

When I was sixteen I was so impressed with Women’s Bodybuilding. The discipline reminded me very much of being a competitive figure skater. I remember running 4.5 miles each way, to Holiday Health Club (now Bally Total Fitness), to a membership I changed my ID to say I was 18 years old so I could sign the contract. I found a way. I wanted to learn. I was excited, passionate and open to possibilities. Everything is possible. Everything is an opportunity to learn and grow. At 50 years old, 1% of Women my age are in the physical conditioning I’m in. That says to me that if I can be in the extraordinary category of 1% here, where else can I be in the upper echelon of success? I’m just getting started. I’m coming for it all.

~Alisa K

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